viernes, 14 de julio de 2017

President Donald Trump and Melania Trump Arrives at Bastille Day Militar...

President Donald Trump blessed Bastille day with his presence. Bastille Day commemorates the 100th anniversary of America entering World War I. Watch the amazing moment below when Trump arrived at the Parade. There is a second even better video at the bottom of the article just so you know.

Sacre Bleu! Trump and Melania looks so wonderful in France. They are so classy. Then everyone noticed the amazing thing that Trump did when he saw US troops in the parade. It’s incredible.

Trump was the only one seen saluting as the US troops went by in the Presidential box. The two men can be seen talking ad US and French fighter jets flew overhead.

There were eight US planes in the parade as well as a 145 US troops on the ground, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Trump and Melania have stood up for the American people since they have been elected. They have taken so many barbs for us.

Share this if you are SO PROUD of our President for respecting our troops. 

God bless our troops and our President.

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