jueves, 28 de julio de 2016

Clinton falls into Trump Trap!

“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 [Hillary Clinton] emails that are missing,” Donald Trump said Wednesday. His reference to the supposedly personal emails Clinton deleted from her private server unleashed a fire storm. Democrats were quick to responded with outrage citing “national security” issues. Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook charged that Trump was “calling for a foreign power to commit espionage in the U.S.” Then there was this statement by Jake Sullivan a senior policy adviser to Clinton: “This has to be the first time that a major presidential candidate has actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct espionage against his political opponent. That’s not hyperbole, those are just the facts. This has gone from being a matter of curiosity, and a matter of politics, to being a national security issue.”
Thus Trump’s seemingly off the cuff remark effectively accomplished two things. First, it redirected the media spotlight from the Democrats joyful celebrations of Hillary’s coronation to outrage over Trump’s audacious comments. Conventional (pun intended) wisdom is that presidential candidates let the opposing party have the spotlight during their conventions. Trump is not conventional.
Second, and far more important, Clinton is now caught in a major contradiction. Ironically, when Democrats call Trump’s remarks a “national security issue,” they have exposed Hillary’s actions in attempting to avoid oversight by setting up a private server as being more than an inconsequential “mistake.” Either those deleted emails were personal notes about yoga and wedding plans, or they contained more classified information that presents a potentially catastrophic national security breach if Russia already has them. Democrats can’t have it both ways.
In a 2012 debate, Mitt Romney warned that Russia is our greatest “geopolitical foe.” Obama scoffed, retorting that the 1980s are “calling to ask for their foreign policy back because, you know, the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.” Now the Leftmedia would have us believe the Democrats are the party taking Russia seriously. Instead, they’ve nominated a candidate who was “extremely careless” in handling classified information — some of it Top Secret — leading to our preeminent geopolitical foe likely already accessing it.
On a final note, remember that time Ted Kennedy actually invited the Soviets to interfere in the 1984 election? The Leftmedia certainly don’t want you to.

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