jueves, 5 de mayo de 2016

Alerta a todos los que apoyan a Donald J Trump: Lyin´Ted is a it again!

Este tipejo es un delincuente de marca mayor:

Washington delegate: "If Cruz camp is texting delegates then he is not OUT people!!!!!" PLEASE GET THIS ON TWIITTER; I don't have an account..."
If this is true, then Ted Cruz is really a snake, acting like he's quitting so Trump supporters can relax and don't vote. Until this whole thing is finished, Trump supporters still have to vote to make sure. Since the announcement that he was suspending his campaign on Tuesday, many voters think it's a ploy and that he's still planning to steal the election. The following message has been circulating Facebook:
"Cruz is trying 2 steal Kasich & Rubio's delegates. He didn't really drop out. Suspend & End are 2 different things"

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