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Finally an Honest Reporter! Tammy Bruce Puts Blame on Violent Leftist Th...

Finally an Honest Reporter! TAMMY BRUCE Puts Blame on Violent Leftist Mob at Trump Rally (Video)

It really is infuriating watching formerly respected journalists blaming
Donald Trump and his supporters for the violence at Trump rallies.

Do they really think there would be violence if these people were not
coming in, disrupting, rushing the stage, harassing supporters,
swinging at supporters, and attacking Trump supporters?


Do they not understand the history of the violent leftist mob?

trump stalker

Bernie supporter Thomas Dimassimo – who jumped the security fence and stormed Donald Trump on stage in Dayton, Ohio – threatened to murder Trump on Twitter.

Finally an honest reporter!

Tammy Bruce – who IS NOT a Trump supporter – gets it.

tammy bruce
The FOX News contributor put the blame today where it belongs – On the Violent anti-Trump mob.
The goons come to every single Trump rally and assault Trump supporters
and interrupt the rally every 90 seconds. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and
John Kasich blamed Trump for this behavior. Cruz supporters also blame
Trump and make up stories about his campaign manager.

Tammy put the blame where it belongs – on the far left mob who have been doing this for years!

Thank you, Tammy for your honesty.

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