domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016

Stop the bleeding of America and put Donald Trump in the White House"

THIS POST IS FOR ANY UNDECIDED VOTERS IN THE COUNTRY! AND OUR CHILDREN ALSO! This is a way different time in our country! Sure we have problems here at home that need to be worked on BUT our biggest problem, and one that is quickly destroying America, is not the problems here at home but the shit being thrown at us from foreign countries! VOTERS NEED TO WAKE UP TO WHAT THE REAL PROBLEMS ARE!!!! Let’s ask a question or two. COME ON FOLKS – YOU CANNOT HONESTLY BELIEVE that Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Clinton or Sanders can really sit down with China, Japan, India, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Arabia, Mexico and even Canada and be able to negotiate trade deals? NO! These countries would EAT THEIR LUNCH and our country would get worse and worse!
I have watched political TV commercials and NONE of the candidates in either party will TELL YOU THE TRUTH of what is actually destroying America! But Trump does! EVERY TIME (ESPECIALLY CHINA) THEY DEVALUATE THEIR CURRENCY – AMERICANS LOSE! WE LOSE JOBS AND AMERICA’S ABILITY TO BE COMPETITIVE! IT FORCES AMERICAN MANUFACTURING TO GO OUT OF THE US TO TRY AND REMAIN COMPETITIVE! What politicians ALSO FAIL TO TELL YOU is that if money is needed to fix the internal problems in America – IT WONT BE THERE UNLESS TRADE DEALS ARE FORCED ON THESE COUNTRIES!
Note: Only Donald Trump can successfully negotiate with these countries because he has ALREADY done it on a global basis. Every time (especially China) they devalue their currency – Americans lose! We lose jobs and America’s ability to be competitive! Trump will end that situation which is spiraling out of control!
Do you believe that any of these candidates would bring jobs back to America – NO!
Note: In order to bring jobs back from any of these countries Trump would know how to deal with the global mess and Americas constant loss of jobs. Especially manufacturing jobs! Trump employs thousands of workers! All of the other candidates DO NOT have anyone employed by them and do not know the first thing about running a company that employs thousands of workers!
Do you believe that any of the Candidates will build a wall between Mexico and the United States? – NO!
Note: Only Trump can get this done and have MEXICO pay for it by stopping all money going to Mexico from Washington! The candidates running do not have a clue on how to get this done and stop illegal immigration! If fact the majority of candidates are for OPEN BORDERS!
Do you believe any of the candidates can fix our education system? – NO!
We spend more money on education that literally any country in the world BUT we are #30 or worse on the education ladder! Thank your politicians for this would put education way below their having to provide for their special interest groups “Special Projects” Been this way for a very long time. Trump has the solution to education! He knows how to fix the problem and has solutions ready to be implemented so our children can grow up in a world where their competitiveness in education will be in the top three of the world!
Trump is for our military! Have any of the candidates ever done anything for Vets – NO!
Trump is the only one who is for and helps VETS! No candidate will build the military like Trump. How? He will not allow corporations who have a stranglehold on politicians force our military to but supplies and equipment they don’t want or are too costly. Under politicians our military if forced to waste millions of dollars on equipment they DON’T WANT! Trump will end this! I could go on and on about how Trump can fix our country’s problems but it isn’t necessary because the point has been made! Politicians HAVE FAILED FOR MANY YEARS! We should not and cannot let this politician farce continue if we want to leave a country for our children! Time is running out! Look at the last 8 years. What a disaster! STOP THE BLEEDING OF AMERICA AND PUT TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!

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